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How to get involved

Are we nearly bare yet is a pay as you feel funded project for self identifying women, aiming to subvert the male gaze and reclaim ‘nudes’ using illustration and colour.
Your donation contributes towards your nude being drawn and an A3 digital print being posted to you (Please consider this when making your donation, anything less than £10 will leave me out of pocket)

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to get involved
(Please make sure to follow them in this order to make sure the process is as smooth as possible)

1.Take your photos

Please use a self timer to take your photos (Or get someone else to take them for you)
Try and make sure you images are well lit, daylights usually best.
No clothes are too few, full monty, underwear…whatever you want to make you feel GREAT
If you cant decide on one photo feel free to send a selection to let me choose from.

2. Donate

At the bottom of this page is a PayPal donate button. Click on this and follow the instructions donating as little or as much as you like to cover the costs of drawing time, printing and postage. (Please also include your full name in the instructions box)

3. Email

Once you’ve donated please email arewenearlybareyet@gmail.com with your:
Donation amount
Address (So i know where to send your print to)

4. Complete!

Thats everything I need from you, I will always send a confirmation email once I’ve received your images and donation to let you know it’s all ended up in the right place and to confirm when you should expect to receive the print (On average this 2 weeks from when you send everything)

Finally and VERY importantly the original images you send to me are completely private between us and are under no circumstances will be shared with anyone else.
The final illustration will be shared on my Instagram and may be reused for further products for our we nearly bare yet. If you are not happy with this then please contact me for a private commission at a fixed rate.

Check out my FAQ's for any queries you may have.