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How to get involved

Before getting involved please make sure you follow these guidelines carefully.

-You must be a self identifying women to submit nudes.
-You must be 18 or over
-You must be submitting your own imagery I will not draw any nudes if you are sending them of someone else.

If you fit into the above criteria then please follow this step by step guide to buying your commission and sending your nude photo to be drawn. 

1.Take your photos 

It is crucial that you have your photos ready first before buying your commission, this helps the process run much more smoothly.
Please use a self timer to take your photos (Or get someone else to take them for you) mirror selfies will not be accepted.
Your face needs to be in the photo and most of your body (Don’t worry if you can’t get everything within the frame)
Try and make sure your image is well lit and good quality. If I cant see what you look like I cant draw you.

Please do not use any filters, this needs to be an honest raw image of yourself.

No clothes are too few, full monty, underwear…whatever you want to make you feel GREAT 
If you can’t decide on one photo feel free to send a selection to let me choose from
Please do not ask me to add things on or miss bits out, these images need to be a true representation of you.

If you're buying a commission for two people to be drawn please take the photo with you together, I cannot draw two separate photos. 

2. Buy your commission

Please buy your commission from the products page once you are happy with the photos you have taken.

3. Email your photos 

Please email me within an hour of purchasing to keep the process running smoothly.
Send an email to arewenearlybareyet@gmail.com 

Whether you would like your AWNBY image shared/used for exhibitions
Your full name
Address (To send the print to)
Your Instagram handle (If you would like to be tagged..not essential)
Your nudes!
If you’d like to include any bits about yourself, your story and why you got involved please do, it’s great to share this alongside the image to give it narrative.

4. Complete!
Thats everything I will need from you. I will always send a confirmation email once I’ve received your images and will confirm when you should expect to receive your print (On average 2/3 weeks)

Finally and VERY importantly, the original images you send to me are completely private between us and are under no circumstances shared or shown to anyone else.